Food and Coffee Fine Dinner - Fundraiser - 26 Sept 2020

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Join us for a fundraising dinner to help Dancing for Rhinos with their amazing work in Rhino conservation.

Coffee pairing is the ability to match coffee with certain foods in order to enhance the dining experience. Yes, coffee can be paired with a lot of other types of foods, not just pastries.

Coffee pairing is more of an art than a science. It has a range of flavors and other tasting notes.

During our evening our executive chef will pair coffee from various regions in a three course meal that will let you relook at coffee and the what can be done.

How he will achieve this (drink or eat) will not be revealed until the plate is served. 

The evening will be a Semi Formal Fine Dining Experience that you have never had.

The Venue will be announced as soon as the venue has been tied down.